Saturday, January 28, 2012

Childhood Favorite

Sad news: this may be the last post for about two weeks, from me anyway. I have faith that J will carry the sole responsibility of posting for this blog. She makes fantastic meals all the time. Yet, even more sad than that, I wont be doing  any cooking during these two weeks, instead I'll be living a hotel and eating out Blehhhh. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove trying new restaurants but for two whole  weeks??!?! I'll have to figure something out. 

Happy news: Kraft pasteurized prepared cheese product aka Kraft American cheese. Before you judge me, know that it is, and I quote, an "excellent source of calcium"  AND "always made with milk" and I would say thats enough to justify eating it...maybe?!? Eh, I don't care. This stuff is SO good. Like seriously good and on top of that it reminds me of the grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs Daddy used to make me growing up. Also, I made it 'gourmet' (if that's even possible) by eating with fresh eggs, Ezekiel english muffin and my most recent condiment obsession, tomato paste sprinkled with smoked  paprika. Okay, I'm joking, it wasn't even close to gourmet. But, IT WAS SO GOOD. 

See???? Now you want some too, dontcha?!?

This delicious sandwich was so quick and easy to put together: Cook up two eggs, trim them to fit english muffin, slather one side of muffin with tomato paste and paprika while the other side is under the broiler so the cheese melts. Easy right?!?! And so yum. You could also add on a side salad or carrot sticks. (OPTIONAL)

Today is a big day for me. Today is the day I submit my first application to grad school. I am hoping they love my personal statement because I spent SO much time writing, editing, getting other's opinions, re-writing, etc. This last draft though, is pretty darn good. Guess it doesn't matter what I think though, hoping admissions thinks it's fabulous, too. 


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